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Your digitally verified ID

In a world where anyone could be anything...

 ... How can you give employers certainty about your identity?

Introducing Real.id - a digitally verified ID for a secure online identity.

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Real.id is your secure, safe and digitally verified ID.

Real.id - Mobile

Photo ID that works online

Real.id is an online login for our credential management, onboarding, and training verification systems. Real.id connects your photo ID (driver's license, passport) with your name and email, performs a 100-point identity check, and also performs bank account verification to verify your online identity.

Real.id - Shareable

Biometric checks to enhance security

Real.id captures an ID photo of you when you use the Real.id login, and compares it against your ID photo taken when you created your login. Through advanced biometric scanning, we can confirm that you are the person who has access to view and manage your online data.


ID cards for real-world authenticity

Your Real.id can be applied to a data-enhanced photo ID card that can be used with authorised organisations to provide secure entryway access onsite.

Real.id - Secure

Shareable identity for a faster employment process

Using our credential management system, you can share your Real.id with employers that need to confirm that you are who you say you are, speeding up your employment process while reducing the incidents of workplace fraud.

Real.id verifies your online ID against your real-world driver's license or passport.

ID verification is becoming more important to organisations needing to be certain of the identity of their workers. Those who can provide a verified identity first will have greater benefits in employment and onboarding.

Real.id is a simple online process that verifies your name and ID photo using bank-level verification checks, and confirms that the name you typed and your ID photo are actually yours. 

You can then share (email, text message, Real.id app) your Real.id to anyone who needs to check your photo ID via our credential management system, Tik.me. You can also have a Photo ID Card printed for quick confirmation of your ID and credentials.

You can actively counter the increase of fraud. With a Real.id, you can make informed decisions about who you trust.

Real.id is the smarter way to show your verified ID.

Fast and simple online process

Signing up to Real.id can take as little as 5 minutes using our once-off, mobile-ready, online step-by-step process, and costs as little as $35.

Partnered with trusted organisations

Real.id uses a number of trusted and established processes to verify your ID, either Australia-wide or internationally.

Trusted by employers

Having a Real.id can speed up your recruitment process, and provide a higher degree of certainty and security to employers, suppliers and consumers.

Expanding user base

Real.id is expanding all over Australia and is being used by more and more organisations to provide ID confirmations, photo ID cards and biometric access.

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